Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FROM BUNGA-BUNGA TO BAR BAR BUNGA - Most studies assume that earthquakes have double-couple (DC) source mechanisms, corresponding to shear motion on planar faults. However, many well- recorded earthquakes have radiation patterns that de- part radically from this model, indicating fundamentally different source processes. Seismic waves excited by advective processes, such as landslides and volcanic eruptions, are consistent with net forces rather than DCs. Some volcanic earthquakes also have single-force mechanisms, probably because of advection of magmatic fluids. Other volcanic earthquakes have mechanisms close to compensated linear vector dipoles and may be caused by magmatic intrusions. Shallow earthquakes in volcanic or geothermal areas and mines often have mechanisms with isotropic components, indicating vol- ume changes of either explosive or implosive polarity. Such mechanisms are consistent with failure involving both shear and tensile faulting, which may be facilitated by high-pressure, high-temperature fluids. In mines, tun- nels are cavities that may close. Deep-focus earthquakes occur within zones of polymorphic phase transforma- tions in the upper mantle at depths where stick-slip instability cannot occur. Their mechanisms tend to be deviatoric (volume conserving), but non-DC, and their source processes are poorly understood. Automatic global moment tensor services routinely report statisti- cally significant non-DC components for large earth- quakes, but detailed reexamination of individual events is required to confirm such results








DURING  the French Mandate of Syria tribes began to lose their nomadic lifestyle. ... 

On August 23, 1925 Sultan Pasha al-Atrash officially declared revolution ...

On August 19, 2014 Sultan Barbarbunga officially declared revolution by explosion ?

nobody knows....

Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me
That I sometimes cry
If I could pretend that I'm asleep
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls
I think nobody knows
Nobody knows no

Nobody likes
Nobody likes to lose their inner voice
The one I used to hear before my life
Made a choice
But I think nobody knows
No no
Nobody knows

 Oh the secret's safe with me
There's nowhere else in the world that I could ever be
And baby don't it feel like I'm all alone
Who's gonna be there after the last angel has flown
And I've lost my way back home
I think nobody knows no
I said nobody knows
Nobody cares

It's win or lose not how you play the game
And the road to darkness has a way
Of always knowing my name
But I think nobody knows
No no
Nobody knows no no no no

Thursday, August 7, 2014

FROM SHARKNADO TO THE SHARK SURGE BY TWEET VON TWITTER ----OR OTHER TWATH SHIT THE SARKS SOMETIMES WAIT FOR LARGE PREY TO DIE BEFORE FEED SOMETIMES FEED IN LIVING PREY THAT DEPENDS...The Yazidis are a particular target because many Moslems, and some Christians, consider the Yazidi pagans and devil worshipers. The Yazidi are Kurds who practice a pre-Christian religion related to the pre-Islamic Zoroastrian religion common in Iran (and now only found in India). The Yazidis are considered pagans by ISIL and to Moslems pagans must either renounce their beliefs or die. This resulted in over 30,000 Yazidis finding themselves trapped and surrounded on Mount Sinjar, which is basically a ridge providing good defensive positions for the few armed Yazidis but little water or shelter. Over a hundred Yazidis are dying each day from thirst and exposure.A DEAD YAZIDI IS A GOOD WAZIDI

Islamic State takes control of Iraq's largest Christian town

An image made available on the website Welayat Salahuddin shows militants of the Islamic State of Iraq (IS) posing with their trademark flag after allegedly seizing an Iraqi army checkpoint in Iraq. — File photo
KIRKUK: Militants took over Iraq's largest Christian town Qaraqosh and surrounding areas on Thursday and sent tens of thousands of panicked residents fleeing towards autonomous Kurdistan, officials and witnesses said.
Islamic State (IS) militants moved in overnight after the withdrawal of Kurdish peshmerga troops, who are stretched thin across several fronts in Iraq, residents said.
“I now know that the towns of Qaraqosh, Tal Kayf, Bartella and Karamlesh have been emptied of their original population and are now under the control of the militants,” Joseph Thomas, the Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaimaniyah, told AFP.
Qaraqosh is an entirely Christian town which lies between Mosul, the militants' main hub in Iraq, and Arbil, the Kurdish region's capital. It usually has a population of around 50,000.
“It's a catastrophe, a tragic situation. We call on the UN Security Council to immediately intervene. Tens of thousands of terrified people are being displaced as we speak, it cannot be described,” the archbishop said.
Tal Kayf, the home of a significant Christian community as well as members of the Shabak Shia minority, also emptied overnight.
“Tal Kayf is now in the hands of the Islamic State. They faced no resistance and rolled in just after midnight,” said Boutros Sargon, a resident who fled the town and was reached by phone in Arbil.
“I heard some gunshots last night and when I looked outside, I saw a military convoy from the Islamic State. 
They were shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (God is greatest....OR GREAT

ISIS militants ransack Catholic monastery in Iraq AL-BARAKA TWEET....

An image made available by the jihadist Twitter account Al-Baraka news on June 11, 2014 allegedly shows militants of the jihadist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waving the Islamic Jihad flag and holding up their weapons as a vehicle drives on a newly cut road through the Syrian-Iraqi border between the Iraqi Nineveh province and the Syrian town of Al-Hasakah (AFP Photo)
An image made available by the jihadist Twitter account Al-Baraka

ISIS surge: Over 270 killed in Syria, former US base stormed in Iraq's Tikrit

Published time: July 19, 2014 16:17
Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate on vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces, at a street in city of Mosul.(Reuters / Stringer)
Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate on vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces, at a street in city of Mosul.TO DIYARBAKIR IN ONLY 55 DAYS ....


Iraq's Yazidis flee to Turkish border as Islamic State advances A STATE THAT ADVANCES IN AMERICAN YES THEY CAN HUMVEE'S

Displaced families from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing the violence, walk on the outskirts of Sinjar, west of Mosul, August 5, 2014. — Photo by Reuters
DIYARBAKIR: Thousands of Iraqis,